About Us


Our Mission

Our aim is to change the way healthcare is delivered in the clinic, ambulance, or in rural settings. Our goals are to reduce healthcare costs, improve treatment decision-making with more data, and eliminate the time waiting for test results so that important treatment decisions can be made anywhere and in real-time, thereby improving quality of life.

LucArray is moving ever closer to realizing this dream through its miniature detection platform and luciferase-based diagnostic tests. By combining cutting-edge hardware and novel biology, LucArray is the right technology at the right time.

Without the use of super-cooled cameras, lasers or optics, we harness the molecules that illuminate the deep ocean to develop extraordinarily sensitive diagnostics capable of performing over a hundred tests with a low amount of blood, urine, or sputum. Now, instead of sending a patient’s sample off to a lab and waiting days for results, LucArray provides answers in minutes at the point of care, allowing for an immediate discussion with the patient and more importantly, immediate care.

Not only will the LucArray System dramatically impact existing billion-dollar markets by speeding up diagnosis and treatment and thereby reducing healthcare costs, it will also address new markets in home diagnostics, point-of-care diagnostics, pharmaceutical research, public health, environmental testing and bioterrorism detection that are currently limited due to the technical demands of existing technologies.