Welcome to LucArray

Capable and Convenient

3D rendering of LucArray attached to a microfluidics unit for delivering different reagents for the detection process

LucArray unlocks boundless potential to enable next generation point-of-care diagnostics, drug discovery, biodefense, food, environmental testing, and more.

LucArray can detect different pathogens from a small biological sample via a single-use, disposable device that can deliver specific and quantitative results within minutes.

Value of Rapid Results


Informing life-saving emergency care

A child comes into the ER with difficulty breathing.  LucArray gives doctors the critical information needed to make a quick, life-saving diagnosis on the spot.


Defending against bio-warfare on the battlefield

Soldiers come across a fallen comrade with no obvious signs of trauma. LucArray enables immediate testing for and treatment for known bio-warfare agents on the spot.


Speeding up drug development cycles

Cancer researchers must no longer wait days for test results. LucArray helps identify and develop promising new cancer drugs and therapies on the spot.